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The Products

vanilla curing

We believe that good things take time. And when it comes to incredible culinary vanilla, time is, quite literally, of the essence. Each product can take months or even years to produce, but it’s well worth the wait. Our vanilla beans, extracts, and crystallized vanilla are sought by some of the world’s finest chefs to help bring their culinary creations to life. 

We currently stock premium vanilla extract and Grade A vanilla bean pods in our online store and plan to offer cacao, spices, and other culinary products in the near future. 

Our online store will be up and running soon! In the meantime, please contact us to inquire about product availability or to place an order. 

The Farm

All of our plant products are grown at King’s Trail Farm in the heart of the Big Island’s Waipi’o Valley. The Valley is lush, remote, and raw, conditions that are directly reflected in the way that we farm. The process is symbiotic and never forced - we trust the land and only grow what wants to grow here. 

Our farming practices draw from biodynamic principles, utilizing the existing logs, naturally-occurring compost, and the terrain of the forest to grow plants in soil that is very much alive. Any outside compost or fertilizers used are vegan, organic plant matter that’s sourced from right here in the Valley.

Kings Valley Farm in Hawaii

Land Acknowledgement

We acknowledge that Coe Botanica and King’s Trail Farm are located on the mokupuni of Hawaiʻi, in the paeʻāina of Hawaiʻi, the native ʻāina of the Hawaiian people. Generations of Hawaiians and their knowledge systems shaped Hawaiʻi in a sustainable way that allows us to share and enjoy her gifts today.

The People

Coe Botanica and King’s Trail Farm are operated by a small, close-knit team. We do everything in small batches and by hand, right down to the pollination of our vanilla plants. 

Caleb Coe 

Lead farmer/Owner

Caleb was born in Oregon and raised in the eastern U.S.; he trained at the New England Culinary Institute in Vermont and was an original founder of Outstanding in the Field alongside Jim Denevan and a small but mighty crew. He has worked with over 100 James Beard award-winning chefs and has decades of experience working with farmers, producers, and culinary artists across the globe. 

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